Market Intelligence is the essences of Business
Market Research helps in understanding of who your consumers are and what they want
Data Collection & Management
Market Research helps you understand your competition and make the right moves.
Market Research helps you identify business problems and fix it with an understanding of the complete system.

Field Strength

Well connected network is iNORI’s field strength. In India, iNORI has its own field branch offices in major cities/towns and associates in certain centres. iNORI has set up to reach each and every corner of all the states / union territories of India. In case we do not have our own field resources presence in specific centres, we take the help of the nearest base town field resource to cover such centres. In all probabilities, we have the minimum resources to cater at least 10 to 15 projects at any point of time.

For U.S and U.K, currently CATI and Online data collection methods are followed. iNORI will soon have tie-up with leading data collection agencies at these countries. iNORI had already signed for a partnership, located at Malaysia, to cover South East Asia markets. iNORI will start providing CATI data collection in India (respondents from India) soon.