Market Intelligence is the essences of Business
Market Research helps in understanding of who your consumers are and what they want
Data Collection & Management
Market Research helps you understand your competition and make the right moves.
Market Research helps you identify business problems and fix it with an understanding of the complete system.

Analytics Solutions

iNORI’s Analytics division handles basic and advanced analytics for analytics outsourced engagements (MRO) and domestic research & analytics assignments. The division has full-fledged infrastructure and marketing/business analysts who have vast experience in the field of Marketing Research, Statistics, Econometrics and Analytics Consulting. Our strengths include deeper insights & interpretation, ability of converting statistical results into business recommendations and expertise in statistical concepts.

We practice descriptive data analytics, multivariate solutions and statistical inference to provide maximum possible analytics, which help our client to take effective business decisions.

At present iNORI provides following specific analytics services:

Survey Analytics

Survey Analytics includes data processing, tabulation, charting, descriptive analysis and advanced statistical analysis on data collected from primary research surveys. If survey data is available, further investigation is done to understand the characteristics (behavior) of data set and relation/association exists among study variables. Client needs to provide the data, list of study objectives and the survey questionnaire. Cleaned data is preferable; otherwise iNORI cleans the data as per client’s norms and specifications. Based on these inputs, iNORI prepares detailed analysis plan, expected outputs and business solutions the analysis results address. Following statistical techniques are used in Survey Analytics.

Sales & Marketing Analytics

Sales and marketing heads often need to take decision on sales data and marketing information. Consumer Product (CPG/FMCG) companies are more interested to know about the consumer insights on the sales and marketing promotional measures taken. Analytics helps to focus on characteristics of the marketing activities that increase the probability of better returns, making more effective decisions. iNORI conducts the following sales & marketing analytics:

Retail Analytics

Growing organized retail industry needs business analytics to improve performance of stores. The retail solutions are designed in such a way that it leads to greater sales and increased profit. Retail Analytics enables proper inventory management system, effective channel management, attractive product display, promotional measures and shopper traffic understanding. iNORI provides following retail analytics services:

Statistical Consulting

The following techniques are used in our analysis:

  • Correlation Analysis
  • Multiple Regression Analysis (GLM, Logistic, Multinomial models)
  • Forecasting Techniques (Regression, Growth rates)
  • Cluster Analysis (Segmentation analysis)
  • Factor Analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Probability Theory Concepts
  • Statistical Inference (t-test, ANOVA, F-test, Chi-Square etc.)

The following software applications are used for analysis:

  • Advanced MS-Excel & MS-Access
  • SQL database Query processing
  • Statistical Package For Social Sciences (SPSS)
  • Statistical Analysis System (SAS)
  • Minitab