Market Intelligence is the essences of Business
Market Research helps in understanding of who your consumers are and what they want
Data Collection & Management
Market Research helps you understand your competition and make the right moves.
Market Research helps you identify business problems and fix it with an understanding of the complete system.

Research Solutions

iNORI practices Quantitative & Qualitative research approaches in Market research Outsourcing (MRO) and domestic research assignments. The research approach is selected based on the study objectives, business issues, depth of information, accuracy of data required and related parameters interested to client.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative data is the data, which can be measured in terms of units (e.g units like Number, kg, ml, etc.). In this approach, data is collected in quantifiable unit of measurements. Quantitative research is highly preferred if accurate results are wanted from statistically valid samples. This involves more number of respondents, hence statistical significance and confidence are considered.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative data can be measured in terms of characteristics (e.g attributes like behavior, attitude, perceptions, interest level, etc.). In this approach, data is collected through detailed probing of questions, on qualitative terms, which are subjective and cannot be quantifiable. This approach is generally used for exploratory purposes, and this approach is not generalized to the whole population, hence statistical significance and confidence are not much considered.


Custom research and business research solutions are the primary focus of iNORI.
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