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Social Research Solutions

Our Background :

Innovative Opinion Research India was established in the year 1991 as Dakshin Research under the leadership of eminent personalities in the field of Social Research and Market Research. In the process of name transition in view of organizational expansion, the company has been transformed as Innovative Opinion Research India (INORI).

Initially INORI used to conduct Social Research and Market Research activities under one roof. To cater the increasing needs and demands for Social Research and Developmental Research activities, INORI has created a specialized wing headed by leaders and personalities who have high expertise in these areas. Over the years INORI-SRD has understood, it is not only the quality of work that is important to the clients of social research, but also the time bound and cost effective project costs maintaining the same quality of deliverables. Yes, today we proved as one of the leading organizations in the country offering the high quality projects, with economical project costs.

Organizational Strength :

INORI-SRD is independent of all party political interests. The range of assignments undertaken during the last 2 decades has helped the division to develop competencies to manage a variety of studies across key development sectors. The proved expertise and client satisfaction has made INORI-SRD as one of the leading research organizations in India.

The organization conducts research to highest ethical standards. We offer services in almost all fields of developmental planning and management, from the conceptualization to final implementation.

Our Approach :

INORI-SRD uses a combination of Secondary Research, Qualitative Research Techniques such as Focus Group Discussions and Participatory Research as well as Quantitative Research Techniques. In addition SRD implements each research subject with tailor-made approaches as required by the specialty of the project and adopts the techniques to suit the special requirements of economical differences, gender, literacy, geographic segmentation, several languages and dialects.

SRD has two distinct missions that guide its operations: To study social issues with commitment, expertise, objectivity and an orientation towards actionability, and to set up databases and research expertise with regard to client’s requirements. SRD proactively encourages social inclusion and adopts innovative research methods which harness and reflect community strengths brought about through diversity.

Undertaking sensitive research is fundamental to the work of INORI-SRD and through working with clients and within communities. SRD endeavors to gain a deeper understanding of social challenges, needs and opportunities. The researchers and field staff would work in close association with the clients at all stages of project implementation to ensure better quality and communication.

Through extensive experience in the public sector, INORI-SRD has a clear understanding of the specific information and research needs in the public sector. At all levels of government and public utilities, we guarantee research results that are cost efficient and can withstand external scrutiny.

Professional Strength :

The main strength of the organization is its array of professionals with multi-disciplinary expertise including- sociology, anthropology, economics, demography, population sciences, statistics, nutrition, health, education, geography, agriculture, irrigation, electricity, psychology, rural development and forestry. It's the quality of our staff that sets us apart from other research agencies. We take our pick from the brightest and best graduates so are constantly exposed to new ideas and latest thinking. But we recognize the value that lies in experience and many of our staff bring with them the knowledge that comes with many years of experience.

Field Strength :

We are considered as having the best of the industry manpower to manage the Field Work in any part of India with a short notice of time. The field team comprises of male/female Field Controllers, Field Managers, Field Supervisors and Field Investigators placed across different parts of India. The well experienced field teams at SRD belongs to different geographical areas, with rural/urban background, multilingual speaking different dialects, different educational qualifications and varied age groups with strong dedication to gather high quality data.

Some of the Research Issues handled by inori-SRD


  • Evaluation of Health programs run by State and Central Governments.
  • HIV/AIDS related studies
  • Public Health
  • Reproductive Health and Family Welfare
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Immunization
  • Sanitation related health issues
  • Child Health and Nutrition

Rural Development

  • Self Help Groups
  • Rural Employment
  • Social and Economic Impact Assessment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Micro Finance
  • Impact Evaluation of Social Reforms
  • Social Assessment Studies
  • Women and Child Development
  • Community Needs Assessment

Agriculture and Irregation

  • Water User Associations
  • Water Sheds Management
  • Crop yield assessment under canal/non-canal areas
  • Yield assessment of crops vs Fertilizers
  • Power Supply to Agriculture Sector
  • Farmer Knowledge Assessment

Urban Development

  • Drinking water and sanitation
  • Water Sanitation
  • Slum Development
  • Assessment of Self Employment
  • Assessment of Self Employment Training Programmes
  • Assessment of Street Children and their Livelihood


  • Impact Assessment of Education Programmes
  • Literacy Assessment
  • Evaluation of Student Education Levels
  • Dropout measurements
  • Assessment on Minimum Levels of Learning
  • Infrastructure
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Power
  • Policing

Professionals at iNori-SRD

The Social Research Division includes multi disciplinary team of experts drawn from relevant fields of Social Sciences, Applied Sciences like Demography/Statistics, Management, Irrigation, Agriculture, Health and Information Technology. (The details of professionals will be provided on request or along with project proposal)