Market Intelligence is the essences of Business
Market Research helps in understanding of who your consumers are and what they want
Data Collection & Management
Market Research helps you understand your competition and make the right moves.
Market Research helps you identify business problems and fix it with an understanding of the complete system.

Business Research Solutions

Business research services are performed through in-depth secondary research. Secondary data are already collected, used and made available for various research purposes. The sources of secondary data research include the following:

  • Internet (Industry & business related websites)
  • Industry Associations/Boards Annual reports/Newsletters
  • Business News dailies
  • Business journals & magazines
  • iNORI’s previous reports and proprietary databases
  • Publications from Government and academic institutions

At present iNORI provides the following services:

Industry Analysis Report

Marketing heads and financial investors regularly need industry analysis report, to understand better the industry and market. These reports contain the following components:

  • Industry SWOT Analysis
  • Michael Porter Five Forces Model
  • PEST Analysis (Politics, Economy, Social and Technology)
  • Market Estimates and Forecasts
  • Recent Industry Trends
  • Profiles of Major players
  • New Players in the market
  • New Projects & Plans
  • Govt. policy/ schemes/ regulatory policies
  • These industry analysis solutions are supported by primary research if necessary.

Company Profiling

iNORI’s company profiling services provide in-depth understanding of various corporations operating in diverse business segments. These reports contain the following components:

  • Company background
  • Products and services
  • Business environment
  • Current markets
  • Financial analyses
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • New projects
  • Overall competitive landscape

Prospective Client Database

We assist companies to identify their prospective client in existing & new markets. A detailed secondary research on internet and available directories are performed to collect the prospective customer databases.